A language of Viet Nam

Alternate Names
Khoong, “Xa Coong” (pej.), “Xa Xam” (pej.), “Xa Xeng” (pej.)

2,030 (2009 census).


Lai Chau province, Muong Te district, east of Sila, south of Mang. Ban Nam Luong, 4 villages; Kan Ho commune, Bo Lech; Nam Khao commune; Muong Toong commune, Ban Bo village; Dien Bien province, Muong Nhé district, Nam Ke and Pa Thom communes, near the Lao border.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized ethnic group: Cong.


None known. Quite different from Akha [ahk], Lahu [lhu], and Sila [slt] of this location. North and south varieties in Viet Nam are different, but mutually intelligible. Bisu [bzi], Pyen [pyy], and Mpi [mpz] are closely related.


No final consonants.

Language Use

Few domains. All ages. Mildly positive attitudes.

Other Comments

Cong is an official ethnic community.