Chin, Daai


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Dai, Khyo, Kkhyou

37,000 (2010).


Chin State, Matupi, Paletwa, Kanpetlet, and Mindat townships, 142 villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Kanpetlet Daai (Nghngilo/Yang, Yindu), Matupi Daai (Ma-Tu, Shiip), Mindat Daai (Duk-Msang, Kheng, Mkui), Paletwa Daai (Ngxang, Vet, Yet). Intelligibility among Nghngilo (Yang), Yindu, and Mkui subgroups is high, but is lower among other subgroups. Lexical similarity: more than 90% with Yindu, Yang, Mkui, Duk, and Msang Daai, 81%–88% with Ngxang Daai (Paletwa Township) and Kheng Daai, 80% with Shiip Daai (Matupi Township), 91%–94% with Ng-Gha (part of Müün [mwq]), and 81%–87% with Müün.


SOV; negation is marked before the verb.

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Also use Burmese [mya], Müün Chin [mwq]. Used as L2 by Kaang Chin [ckn].

Language Development
Grammar. NT: 1996.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Ethnic autonym: Khyo. The name Nghmoye is used by both Yang and Yindu to refer to each other. Matupi Daai may be a separate language. Christian.