A language of Burkina Faso

Alternate Names
Gã, Gan, Gane, Kaan, Kaanse, Kãasa, Kan

6,000 (1990 S. Showalter).


Sud-Ouest region: Poni province, Gaoua subdistrict, Loropéni department, bounded by Loropéni west, Derbi east, Djigoué south, and Yérifoula north; Cascades region: Comoe province; Sud-Ouest region: Bougouriba province.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Kaansa, Kpatogo (Bodoro, Gbadogo, Kpatogoso, Padogho, Padorho, Padoro). Lexical similarity: 81% between dialects, 71% with Khisa [kqm], 68% with Dogosé [dos].

Language Use

All ages. Also use French [fra], Jula [dyu], Lobi [lob].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 3%. Bible portions: 2003–2008.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

4 clans: Farma, Suwa, Khama, Thama. The Kpatogo separated politically and geographically from the Kamba. At least 7 primary schools in towns and villages serving Kaan villages. Obiré, 8 km northwest of Loropéni, is cultural center and residence of the Kaan Iya, the traditional ruler of the Kaan people. Muslim, traditional religion.