A language of China

Alternate Names
Guichong, Guiqiang, Yutong

6,000 (2000 Sun Hong Kai). 1,000 monolinguals. Ethnic population: 7,000 (2000 D. Bradley). About 1,000 ethnic Guiqiong reportedly understand Guiqiong, but do not speak it.


West central Sichuan Province, Ganzi (Garzê) Tibetan autonomous prefecture, 4 townships: Shiji, Maibeng, Qianqi, Shelian West; also Guza town; plateaus on both sides of north Dadu river.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened). Language of recognized nationality: Tibetan.


Phonological dialect differences, but communication is possible. 2 or 3 varieties have difficult mutual intelligibility. Loanwords from Tibetan and Chinese.


SOV; adjectives and number-classifier constructions follow noun heads; tonal, 4 tones.

Language Use

Vigorous. Only in the village with their own people. Children rarely use it. Negative attitudes. 100% also use Mandarin Chinese [cmn].

Language Development
Poetry. Dictionary.
Other Comments

Buddhist (Lamaist).