Wè Southern


A language of Côte d’Ivoire

Alternate Names
Central Guéré, Gere, Guéré

293,000 (1999 SIL). 20,000 Niao (1995 SIL).


Central, Montagnes District, Guiglo, Duékoué, Bangolo, and Tai subprefectures; Bas-Sassandra District, Lake Buyo area.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Beu (Zarabaon), Fleo, Gboo (Gbobo), Niao (Neabo, Neao, Niabo), Nyeo, Zaa (Zaha), Zagna, Zagne, Zibiao. Southern Wè has 7 more consonants than Northern Wè [wob].

Language Use

Also use French [fra], Jula [dyu]. Used as L2 by Daho-Doo [das], Nyabwa [nwb].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 25%–40%. Radio programs. TV. NT: 1982.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Ethnic autonym: Wèè. Consider Wè one language with many dialects. They are one ethnic group, together with Krahn in Liberia. Christian, traditional religion.