A language of Nigeria

Alternate Names
Janjo, Jen, Jenjo

100,000 (2014 NBTT).


Taraba state: Karim Lamido, Lau, Jalingo, Gassol, Ibi, and Ardokola LGAs; Adamawa state: Numan and Lamurde LGAs; Gombe state: Balanga LGA. Main town is Dza (Jen) by Benue river.

Language Status

6b (Threatened).

Language Use

Home, market, work, community. Some young people (30%), all adults. Positive attitudes. Most also use Hausa [hau]. Most also use Nigerian Pidgin [pcm]. Used as L2 by Shoo-Minda-Nye [bcv].

Language Development
Over 100 people have been taught to read and write Jenjo.

Latin script [Latn], in development.

Other Comments

Ethnonym: E Idza. The language is Ngwa Idza. There are four main groups within the language that settled in different locations but have no differences in their speech, they are: Ye (Saredou, Kaigama), Dzaka (Kachala), Ngwabang (Saretunde), E ’ Zhi (Jaule). Christian, Muslim.