A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Hup, Hupda, “Hupdá Makú” (pej.), “Jupdá Macú” (pej.), Jupde, “Macú de Tucano” (pej.), “Makú-Hupdá” (pej.), Ubdé

1,000 in Brazil (Crevels 2007). Population total all countries: 1,240. Ethnic population: 1,000 (Crevels 2007).


Northwest Amazonas, Rio Auari.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Hupdë, Nëhup, Tuhup. Ruhlen and others classify it as Puinave, Macro-Tucanoan. Intelligible with Yahup [yab].

Language Use

Vigorous. Less than 20% of men also use Portuguese [por]. Almost all men also use Tucano [tuo] or some other Tucanoan language; some women also use some Tucano.

Language Development
Children do not attend school. Where informal schooling is available Hupdë is used as the language of instruction. Dictionary. Grammar.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Subservient to the Tucano and other Tucanoan Indians. Some nomadic between Brazil and Colombia.

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