A language of Brazil

Alternate Names
Iuruna, Jaruna, Yudya, Yurúna

280 (Moore 2006). 1 speaker left in the Terra Indígena Paquiçamba in 1989. Ethnic population: 360 (2006 FUNASA). 35 ethnic group members in the Tierra Indígena Paquiçamba (Crevels 2007).


North Mato Grosso State, Xingu park, near mouth of the Maritsauu-Mitau river, 2 villages; possibly in Pará State.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).

Language Use

Vigorous. In Xingu Park most adult men speak Portuguese [por], about half the women understand it. Elders are less fluent in Portuguese but younger generations all speak it (Crevels 2007).