A language of Venezuela

Alternate Names
Arihini, Cunipusana, Ihini, Maldavaca, Mandauaca, Mandawaka, Mitua, Yavita

3,000 (1975 G. Indigenista). Ethnic population: The size of the ethnic group is not clear since the usually cited number of 3,000 (1975 G. Indigenista) probably includes Baré [bae], Baniva [bwi] and Mandahuaca (Crevels 2007).


Colombia border, extreme southwest, Amazonas, east of Baré [bae] language area on Baria river and Casiquiare canal.

Language Maps
Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).

Language Use

Possibly extinct.

Other Comments

’Baré’ is a cover term for separate languages: Baré [bae], Mandahuaca, Guarekena [gae], Baniwa [bwi], Piapoco [pio]. Sometimes considered a dialect of Baré [bae].