A language of Colombia

Alternate Names
Barira, Cunausaya, Dobocubi, Motilón, Motilone

3,500 in Colombia (Civallero 2008). Population total all countries: 5,000.


Norte de Santander Department, Serranía de los Motilones, Upper Catatumbo and Oro River region, Reserva Indígena Motilón-Barí and Resguardo Indígena Gabarra-Catalaura; also in Cesar Department, Chimichagua, La Gloria, and Pailitas municipalities.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).

Language Development
Dictionary. Bible portions.
Other Comments

Classification as Chibchan has been questioned (1973 M. Durbin); Alternatively classified as Arawakan (Voegelin and Voegelin 1977).

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