Quechua, Chiquián Ancash


A language of Peru


10,000 (2000 SIL), decreasing. 4,000 monolinguals.


Southeast Ancash Region, Bolognesi province, Chiquián district, western Bolognesi west of Pativilca river and north of Llamac river; east Ocros, Corpanqui valley border. Western Ocros may be included, but the dialect is a bit different.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting). Recognized language (1999, Constitution, Article 48).


None known. Possibly intelligible of Cajatambo Quechua [qvl]. Some contact of Cajatambo and very little with Huamalíes [qvh]. 73% intelligibility of Huamalíes. A member of macrolanguage Quechua [que].



Language Use

Home, work, community. Mainly adults. 6,000 also use Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 25%.
Other Comments

Different identity from Huamalíes and Huaylas. Christian.