A language of Laos

Alternate Names
Sek, Set, Tai Sek

3,730 in Laos (2005 census). Population total all countries: 14,730.


Central, near Viet Nam border; Khammouan Province, Upper Nam Noy and Nam Pheo areas; Bolikhamxai Province, Khamkeut district, Na Kadok village.

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Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Khammouan, Na Kadok. Reportedly similar to Tai Mène [tmp].

Language Use

Also use Lao [lao]. Used as L2 by Arem [aem].

Language Development
Other Comments

The Saek of Na Kadok claim to have come from Phu Quan, Ban Pho Quang, Duc Tho District, in what is now Ha Tinh Province, Viet Nam. Khammouan dialect speakers are originally from Nakai District, and it is still spoken in Toeng, Nam Meo, Na Moey, and Beuk. Traditional religion.

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