Tai Daeng


A language of Viet Nam

Alternate Names
Daeng, Môc-Châu, Red Tai, Tai Deng, Tai Rouge, Táy-Môc-Châu, Thai Dang, Thai Do

80,000 in Viet Nam (1995 census). Population total all countries: 105,000. Ethnic population: 100,000 (Bradley 2007).


North central, Son La and Hoa Binh provinces; also in Thanh Hoa province, south of Sam Nuea; small area in Yen Bai province.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized ethnic group: Thai.


Tai Viet script [Tavt].

Other Comments

Part of the Thái official ethnic community (1,550,423, 2009 census). Speakers in Viet Nam tend to identify with Tai Dam [blt] and deny they are Red Tai.

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