Naga, Makyan


A language of Myanmar

Alternate Names
Lasam, Macham Naga, Makyam, Pongnyun

4,000 (2008 SIL).


Sagain, Hkamti district, northeast Lahe and Hkamti townships, 13 villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Main dialect variation is between western Makyan villages and Kuku villages. Lexical similarity: 99% with western Makyan, 31%–35% with Ponyo-Gongwang Naga [npg], 29%–36% with Leinong Naga [lzn], 27%–28% with Lao variety of Konyak Naga [nbe].

Language Use

Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Youth also use Burmese [mya]. Older generation also uses Leinong Naga [lzn].


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Endoglossonym: Makyam. Distinct language from Leinong Naga [lzn], although culturally and geographically related. Christian, Buddhist, traditional religion.