Mixtec, Magdalena Peñasco


A language of Mexico


7,350 (2005 census). 1,170 monolinguals (2000 census).


Oaxaca, Tlaxiaco district, Santa María Magdalena Peñasco, San Cristobal Amoltepec, San Mateo Peñasco, and San Agustín Tlacotepec municipalities.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


San Agustín Tlacotepec Mixtec, San Cristóbal Amoltepec Mixtec, San Mateo Peñasco Mixtec. 89% intelligibility of San Cristóbal Amoltepec (not the same as Santiago Amoltepec [mbz], in the District of Sola de Vega), 76% of Tijaltepec [xtl] and Sinicahua [xti], 73% of San Miguel el Grande [mig], 72% of Tlacotepec [xtm], 68% of Ocotepec [mie], 64% of Northern Tlaxiaco (Nduaxico) [xtn], 58% of Yucuañe [mvg].

Language Use

The language is almost never used for written communication. Mainly older teens and adults. Positive attitudes. Many families have chosen to speak Spanish [spa] with their children, rather than Mixtec.

Language Development
Most people aged 50 and under are literate in Spanish [spa]. Bilingual primary school. Taught in secondary schools. NT: 2012.

Latin script [Latn].