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A language of Netherlands

Alternate Names
Hollands, Nederlands

15,700,000 in Netherlands (European Commission 2012). Total users in all countries: 22,040,690.

Language Status

1 (National). De facto national language.


Northern North Hollandish (Westfries). Belgian variety of Dutch (not Vlaams [vls]) only slightly different from that of the Netherlands.


SVO (SOV in subordinate clauses); prepositions; noun head final; gender (common/neuter); definite and indefinite articles; passives (middle, active, passive); tense and aspect; comparatives; 21 consonants, 13 vowels, 3 diphthongs; non-tonal; stress on first syllable.

Language Use

Most speakers of other languages are also fluent in Dutch. Most also use English [eng] (European Commission 2006), Standard German [deu] (European Commission 2006). Some also use French [fra] (European Commission 2006).

Language Development
Fully developed. Bible: 1522–2004.

Braille script [Brai], used since 1951. Latin script [Latn], primary usage.

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