The compilation of a body of information as large as the Ethnologue over the last seven decades is the result of the cooperation and participation of a multitude of contributors. Lamentably, space does not permit a comprehensive listing of every contributor since Ethnologue came into existence. This edition has benefited particularly from the contributions of researchers, language fieldworkers, and users of the languages who have freely given their time and expertise to improve the accuracy and quality of the data. We are especially grateful to those who have joined our team of Field Contributors, as well as to a growing number of online registered users who contribute valuable input through the Contribute tabs on the website.

Gary F. Simons, as Executive Editor, has provided the oversight and coordination for the task of bringing this new edition into existence, as well as guiding the process of change as we seek to keep improving the content and coverage of Ethnologue . David M. Eberhard, as General Editor, has provided overall direction for the editorial staff and for the data gathering activities of the Ethnologue. Charles D. Fennig, Managing Editor, has supervised the data entry process, tracked changes, dealt with thousands of electronic and hard copy communications, and has done a great deal of in-depth research in response to communications from users. M. Paul Lewis, having stepped down after 12 years in the role of General Editor, has continued to provide us with valuable assistance as an Editorial Consultant. The editorial team is augmented by the work of Colleen Ahland and Michael Ahland as Language Classification Editors, Albert Bickford as Sign Languages Editor, Lorna Priest Evans as Script and Writing Systems Editor, and Linda Simons as Bibliographer. Rounding out the editorial staff is a team of research assistants who have contributed greatly through their data gathering efforts: Beth Brye, Stephen Graham, Trina Graham, and Kiersten Henkel.

Technical support for the Ethnologue database and the systems that allow us to edit the information and produce publications from it has been provided by Chad White, webmaster and lead developer. Dwayne Emberson has provided additional database support.

The language maps have been produced under the direction of SIL’s Lead Cartographer, Matt Benjamin, by John Amdahl, Joe Bryant, David Hildebrand, Marcus Love, and Irene Tucker with additional research by Colin Davis and Eva Horton, and with quality assurance from Beth Brye and technical assistance from Shauna Hassa and Stephen Tucker. Significant help in updating the maps for this edition has been received through personal communications from the following: Phinnarat Akharawatthanakun, Owen Edwards, David Heath, Linda Jordan, Susie Locklin, Bernadette Mitterhofer, John Muniru, Paing Nan, Angi Ngumbu, Kelvin Nicolle, Stephen Pattemore, Shinu PR, Eric Pyle, Evar Saar, Larry Salay, Nathan Statezni, Iva Sulev, and Katharina Tyran.

The Ethnologue benefits greatly from the close cooperation of Melinda Lyons, ISO 639-3 Registrar, who has assisted us in keeping our database aligned with the ISO 639-3 inventory of identified languages.

The updated information reported in this edition reflects the cooperation and communications over the last year from hundreds of researchers in the field as well as members of language communities who have made contact with us to contribute updated information. The change records in our database show that 369 additional people beyond the project staff named above have contributed at least one update to the database since the previous edition was published one year ago.

We want to give special recognition to our most prolific contributors. Each of the following 28 people contributed more than 30 updates to this edition: Kambai Akau, Natalia Andrianova, Adedamola Aregbesola, Laura Arnold, Brittney Balfour, Douglas W. Boone, Agnes Conrad, Brunna Crespi, Dwayne Emberson, Jo-Anne Ferreira, David Ford, Michael E. Frechette, Rob Hess, Heidrun Kröger, Joe Leman, Wayne Lunsford, Kirk Miller, Steve Miller, Bernadette Mitterhofer, Gédéon Noussi, Richard Nzogi, Mary O’Bannon, Neil Rees, Christina Riepe, PR Shinu, Scott Smith, Joshua Smolders, and Tim Stirtz.

The list of contributors continues with the following 128 who contributed 5 or more updates: Hicham Abdelouafi, Marvin M. Abreu, John Adinyah, Noro Andriamiseza, Stan Anonby, Bagamba Araali, Rick Aschmann, Frank Asi Talatini, Andre Auert, Busra Basir, Andreas Bauer, Marvin Beachy, Mark Bean, Carrie Beckley, Katherine Bolaños Quiñonez, Marie-Eve Bouchard, Mike Bryant, William Butler, Nate Cheeseman, Octavian Ciobanu, Micah Clark, Alfonso Claveria, Art Cooper, Michael Crandall, Hans Danerek, Tyler Davis, Fekadu Deressa, Kari Diller, Pam Echerd, Juan Alvaro Echeverri, Matthew Edelen, Philip Ekiugbo, John Eppele, Matthias Feurer, Eric Fields, Cyril Franchomme, Roland Fumey, David Gardner, Fabrício Gerardi, Vivek Babu Girija, Rynj Gonzales, Richard Gravina, Becky Grossman, Fabien Hamissi, Cameron Hamm, Paul Hattaway, Luther Hon, Denise Hovland, Aaron Humphreys, Lami Tsai-Wei Hung, Rachel Jamison, Calvin Jemarang, Linda Jordan, Andreas Joswig, Mari-Sisko Khadgi, Angela Kluge, Klaus-Christian Küspert, Sophie Küspert-Rakotondrainy, Engida Kussia, Basil Modi Aburli Laboka, Karsten Legère, Justin Leung, Jon A. Lindseth, Susie Locklin, Joseph Lovestrand, Loren Maggard, Josefina Mäki, John Marcantonio, Dillon March, WichamDinbo Mataina, Judith Maxwell, Sue McQuay, Greg Melendes, Emily Miller, Bill Morrison, Josephat Musembi, Bettina Mütze, Margaret Philip Mwingira, Naw Shay Myar, Shuichiro Nakao, Michel Ndahashuba, Harvinder Negi, Susanne Neudorf, Yutaka Osugi, Heather Oumounabidji, Krishna Prasad Paudyal, Geneviève Perreault, Parvez Qadir, Ruth Raharimanantsoa, Madhu Ramnath, Rodrigo W. Randig, Tihomir Rangelov, Ali Robinson, Daniel Rossbach, Mike Rueck, Maxim Sagidullin, Subramanian Sankar, Lane Schwartz, Sarah Shackelford, John Mark Sheppard, Shakeel Sohil, Paul Solomiac, Joan Spanne, Katikela Sreeharsha Kishore, Rose Stamp, Allan Starling, Nathan Statezni, Luis Teixeira, Kenneth Toah Nsah, Zubair Torwali, Donna Toulmin, André Tousch, Kevin Tuite, Mirjami Uusitalo, Craig Volker, Valentin Vydrin, Adam Warzecha, Barb Waugh, Nathan Wendte, Karen Wittersoe, Anna Beth Wivell, and James “Woody” Woodward .

And the list could continue with 213 more names of those who made at least one contribution, each of which was significant because it allowed us to publish better information. To all of our contributors we are deeply grateful for we recognize that the success of our efforts depends on their generosity.