San Miguel Mixtepec [zpm] is grossly mis-categorized


San Miguel Mixtepec [zpm] is grossly mis-categorized

Mark Sicoli, Wed, 2014-06-04 09:51
ISO 639-3: 

San Miguel Mixtepec is referenced in this entry and listed as ISO [zpm]. However [zpm] is the code for the Mixtepecs of the Miahuatlan districts. San Miguel Mixtepec and its neighbor San Mateo Mixtepec are part of West Zapotec (Totomachapan, Los Altos, Lachixio). They should be [zpp], which is where the look given innovations and retentions or [zpl] with which SIL tested slightly higher intelligibility.

Editorial Action

We have now looked into this issue with San Miguel Mixtepec.  The appended ISO code [zpm] is erroneous and will be removed in the 18th edition of the Ethnologue.  Based on information we have received from SIL-Mexico, we will also revise the location and intelligibility statements for Lachixio [zpl].


M. Paul Lewis, Wed, 2014-06-04 10:53

Thanks for pointing this out. We'll investigate this a bit more but it looks like it isn't so much a misclassification (all of the Zapotec individual languages are classified within the same language family hierarchy) as it is the mis-assignment of the ISO code for San Miguel Mixtepec based on the name similarity.