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Principal Languages in Bahrain

Dr. Dana Abdulrahim, Sat, 2016-09-24 03:29
Principal Languages

The varieties of Arabic that are listed so far on Ethnologue are the following: Baharna Spoken Arabic, English, Standard Arabic I'd like to add 'Sunni Spoken Arabic' as the more standard Bahraini dialect that is spoken by non-Baharna Bahrainis (and also Baharna may speak it depending on their background or when they choose to speak in an unmarked linguistic variety). Baharna Arabic is the dialect spoken by a large number of Bahrainis who belong to an ethnic group that is not only native to Bahrain, but also to some parts of Saudi Arabia (See Al Tajir 1982, and Holes 1990).

Editorial Action

We will add the 3 dialect names mentioned in this feedback for Baharna Spoken Arabic [abv] in Bahrain for inclusion in the 20th edition of the Ethnologue.