Official Name
State of Israel
Population Full

8,059,000 (2013 World Bank)

General Remarks
About half the Jewish people are Sephardi and half Ashkenazi
Principal Languages
Hebrew, South Levantine Spoken Arabic, Standard Arabic
Literacy Rate
97% (2011 USDS)
Immigrant Languages
Bulgarian, Czech, Egyptian Spoken Arabic (25,000), Iranian Persian, Italian (7,250), Levantine Bedawi Spoken Arabic (50,000), Malayalam (8,000), Marathi (8,000), North Levantine Spoken Arabic (100,000), Northern Uzbek, Spanish (130,000), Standard German (200,000), Turkish (30,000), Western Yiddish
Deaf Population
4,500–306,000 (1998)
General References
Comrie 1987; Fischer and Jastrow 1980; Fishman 1985; Gold 1974; Paper 1978; Saenz-Badillos 1993
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for Israel is 35. All are living languages. Of these, 6 are institutional, 8 are developing, 4 are vigorous, 12 are in trouble, and 5 are dying.
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