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Iran, Gilan languages

Pedram Akbari, Wed, 2016-12-28 05:16
Principal Languages

I studied the languages spoken in Rudbar, and generally in Gilan. The result of this work is a manuscript published in 2013 in Italian. Title of the book in Italian: Il contatto come possibile fondamento del mutamento linguistico, Caso d'analisi: Rudbari e Neopersiano in contatto nella regione del Gilan (Iran settentrionale) [The contact as a possible basis of language change, analysis Case: Rudbari and Neo-persian contact in the region of Gilan (northern Iran)]. In my book, I study the linguistic situation in the province of Rudbar. Both, as speaking native of this area of Iran, and as a researcher. I think a lot of information about the languages in Etnologue about Gilan should be updated. The languages concerned (labels) are: Gilaki, Deylami, Galeshi, Rudbari, Tati, Kordi kormanji, Kordi Kalhori, Lori, Taleshi, Kabatei, Taromi, Turkish and Persian. For Example: As for linguistic belonging of native speakers of Rudbar, in this part of the Iran there are different linguistic currents. Socio-linguistically, none of them belongs to the Gilaki, although there are linguistic similarities between them. The speakers of Rudbar do not identify themselves as Gilak or Tat and language or languages as Gilaki or Tati. In fact, until a few years ago, the understanding between the Gilaki speakers and those Rudbari was not possible if each one of them would speak in their own language or languages. It's same between Tati and Rudbari. Today it becomes possible through the influence it exerts Persian on them, "persianalized" all, is coming closer more and more, and always communication become possibile in a variety of the Persian language spoken in Gilan. This feedback is not an advertisement for my manuscript. So if you are interested I can send my manuscript for free. Thus you can evaluate the topics and possibly provide to update Etnologue. Thanks Pedram Akbari

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