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FatherSimonDonnelly, Sat, 2016-07-16 17:11
Language Counts

Several other languages are spoken in Lesotho: Zulu in the north-east, Xhosa in the south and south-west. Scattered throughout the south-west, south and some parts of the south-east PHUTHI is spoken, which is an Nguni language -- NOT a dialect of Swati/and/or/Sotho, as indicated in Ethnologue. Phuthi is spoken by perhaps 20 000 speakers in Lesotho, perhaps more, and is listed separately for "Lesotho", but is cross-referenced as a dialect of Swati (from Swaziland). It is NOT mutually intelligible (though is heavily influenced by) Sotho; nor is it mutually intelligible with Swati (though Swati is the Phuthi's closest living relative historically). There is a little terminological confusion in the Ethnologue concerning Phuthi. Thanks.

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