Official Name
Republic of Moldova, Republica Moldova, Respublika Moldova, Moldova Respublikasi
Population Full

3,558,000 (2014 census)

General Remarks
No population results from Transnistria, which unilaterally declared independence from Moldova in 1990, recognized only by Russia and other breakaway territories
Principal Languages
Romanian, Russian
Literacy Rate
98% (2010 UNESCO)
Immigrant Languages
Belarusan (20,000), Crimean Tatar (1,860), Hungarian, Standard German (7,000), Tatar, Vlax Romani
Deaf Population
General References
Sebeok 1963
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for Moldova is 10. All are living languages. Of these, 3 are institutional, 4 are developing, and 3 are vigorous.
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