Official Name
Kingdom of the Netherlands, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
General Remarks
Netherlands and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten are constituent countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) are eventually to become special municipalities of Netherlands itself
National Languages
Literacy Rate
98% (2011 USDS)
Immigrant Languages
Adyghe, Afrikaans, Ambonese Malay (45,000), Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Buru, Caribbean Hindustani, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, Indonesian (300,000), Iranian Persian (5,000), Javanese (7,500), Kabuverdianu (20,000), Moroccan Spoken Arabic (30,000), Northern Kurdish (40,000), Northern Zazaki, Papiamentu (80,000), Sranan, Tamil (7,000), Tarifit (200,000), Turkish (192,000), Turoyo (4,000), Vietnamese (16,000), Western Yiddish (400), Yeniche, Yue Chinese (70,000)
Deaf Population
28,000–931,761 (1998)
Deaf Institutions
General References
Comrie 1987; Kooij 1987; Stephens 1976
Language Counts
The number of individual languages listed for Netherlands is 15. All are living languages. Of these, 3 are institutional, 10 are developing, 1 is vigorous, and 1 is in trouble.