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As of yesterday, we no longer limit access to based on page count.

As we enter 2016, the Ethnologue staff and all of us at SIL International wish you the happiest of New Years and many blessings and goodwill in the months ahead.

As I have mentioned a few times in the past, the Ethnologue represents three generations of ongoing research. This project has involved thousands of linguists over the years from SIL International, from partner organizations, and from many, many individuals.

I've been away from Ethnologue Central for several weeks now, not exactly on holiday, but certainly having a wonderfully productive time.  Most of this extended trip has involved significant events related to the Ethnologue.

After the holiday break, Ethnologue Central has burst into a flurry of activity.  Here are some of the things that we are working on.

In the 16th edition, the Ethnologue added an evaluation of the vitality status of each language using the EGIDS, our own scale. I wrote about that at length here last year.

In the first posting to this blog, I mentioned that one of the new features of this edition of the Ethnologue (17th) is the addition of a status category for each language.