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As of yesterday, we no longer limit access to based on page count. Instead, you can view unlimited language or country profiles, but will need to buy a plan to view more detailed content on each page. Our plans are also all-new, including monthly options. If you’re a current subscriber, you won’t see any changes! As long as you keep your current subscription, you will continue enjoying the same features you always have.

Today we also launched the new Ethnologue Contributor Program. Ethnologue wouldn’t be possible without contributions from experts, including researchers and speakers of under-documented languages. As a thank you, we now offer complimentary access to people who contribute their expertise through the Contributor Program.

As before, our guide pages remain completely free to help you dig into the world’s language situation. Get a deeper understanding about endangered languages, the top 200 languages, how many languages there are, and more. We’ll be releasing new guides in the coming months.


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it's very useful
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Yh it's very useful as you can see