Why are there some countries without a language map?

Some countries have no language map(s) for one or more of the following reasons:

1. All the languages are widespread throughout the whole country.

2. There is only one language spoken in the country.

3. The data available to us is not reliable enough to publish.

4. Map production is underway for the country but has not yet been completed.

May I translate your website into my language?

In short, no. See our Terms of Use and contact our Permissions Administrator for information about uses of the Ethnologue that exceed those described there.

Is the Ethnologue published in any other language besides English? Why not?

Currently the Ethnologue is only published in English.  We have worked with partners on occasion to produce locally published volumes with subsets of the data translated into another language. 

When will the next edition of the Ethnologue be published? Is it still once every four years?

In the past, new editions of the Ethnologue were published every four years.  Beginning with the 17th edition, we have released a new edition online in the spring of each year with a range of printed volumes following.