Language of the Day for 02 April 2013


Mugom [muk]

A language of
6,500 (2006 SIL). 1,630 monolinguals (2002 UNESCO). Ethnic population: 6,500. Total users in all countries: 7,000.
6a (Vigorous). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Mugali.
Language Use
Vigorous. Home, friends; mixed use: Religion, work, education. All ages. Positive attitudes. Some also use English [eng], especially children. Some also use Hindi [hin], especially men. Also use Central Tibetan [bod], Nepali [npi].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: Up to 22% in Nepali [npi]; men 30%, women 5%. Mugu District ranks very low in literacy among Nepal districts, especially among children and women. Strong affinity felt towards Tibetan [bod] and its writing system because of high lexical similarity. Literature. Newspapers.
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