Language of the Day for 17 April 2013


Saami, Lule [smj]

A language of
1,500 (Krauss 1992). 1,000–2,000 speakers in Norway and Sweden (Salminen 2007). Ethnic population: 6,000. Total users in all countries: 2,000.
2 (Provincial). Statutory provincial language in administrative area municipalities located in at least part of the following counties: Dalarna, Jämtland, Norrbotten, Västerbotten (2009, NMNML Act No. 724, Article 6).
Language Use
Language use has recently been activated to some extent. Younger speakers may nevertheless prefer Swedish [swe] (Salminen 2007). Used by few children. Also use Swedish [swe].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 1%–5%. Literacy rate in L2: 75%–100%. NT: 1903–2003.
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