Language of the Day for 29 September 2013


Limbu [lif]

A language of
366,200 in Nepal, all users. L1 users: 344,000 (2011 census), increasing. L2 users: 22,200 (2011 census). Relatively few monolinguals. Total users in all countries: 403,500 (as L1: 381,300; as L2: 22,200).
5 (Developing). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Limbu.
Language Use
Vigorous. Limbu is not replaced in any domain, though children now speak more Nepali than Limbu (UNESCO 2002). A main group in eastern Nepal. Home, religion; mixed use: Friends, work, education. Older adults and elderly. Some use among children, adolescents, and young adults. Positive attitudes. Panthare dialect is dominant in size, prestige, and language development. People prefer their own dialect, but are not negative toward others. Many also use Nepali [npi], especially among youth and educated. Some also use Yakkha [ybh], especially women due to intermarriage.
Language Development
Many adult speakers completed 5 years of school, and have good proficiency in Nepali [npi]. Motivation for development is high among all. Literacy programs in progress to teach Sirijonga script (Salminen 2007). Literature. Newspapers. Periodicals. Radio. TV. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. NT: 2009.
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