Language of the Day for 19 September 2016


Hõne [juh]

A language of
Population Full
7,000 (Storch 1999). Ethnic population: Much more than 7,000 (Storch 1999).
7 (Shifting).
Language Use
In remote settlements, some children may still learn the language as L1 (Dimmendaal and Voeltz 2007). Home. Adults only. Negative attitudes. Also use Bole [bol], English [eng], Hausa [hau], Jiba [juo], Nigerian Fulfulde [fuv], Pero [pip], Tangale [tan]. Used as L2 by Jiba [juo].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 15% in Hausa [hau] or English [eng]. Motivation to read is high. Grammar.