Language of the Day for 21 September 2016


Mahali [mjx]

A language of
Population Full
26,400 in India (2011 census), decreasing. Ethnic population: 278,000 (2007). Total users in all countries: 29,400.
6b* (Threatened).
Language Use
Most in Jharkhand reported Santhali [sat], Sadri [sck] or Mundari [unr] as their mother tongue rather than Mahali. May be a threatened language. Home, village, private prayer for half the L1 speakers in Jharkhand. Also use Bengali [ben], Hindi [hin], Munda [unx], Mundari [unr], Odia [ory], Sadri [sck], Santhali [sat].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 12% for Jharkhand (20% male, 4% female) (1981 census); 32% for Odisha (2001 census).