Language of the Day for 12 January 2019


Kulung [kle]

A language of
Population Full
34,590 in Nepal, all users. L1 users: 33,200 in Nepal (2011 census). L2 users: 1,390 (2011 census). Total users in all countries: 34,590 (as L1: 33,200; as L2: 1,390).
6b (Threatened). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Rai.
Language Use
Home, friends, religion. Some young people, all adults. Also use Nepali [npi], which almost all can understand at a basic level. Used as L2 by Eastern Mewahang [emg], Nepali [npi], Western Mewahang [raf].
Language Development
High motivation for literacy. Literature. Periodicals. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. Bible portions: 1976.
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