Language of the Day for 07 June 2019


German Sign Language [gsg]

A language of
Population Full
80,000 (2014 German Deaf Association). 80,000 signers (2014 German Deaf Association). 200,000 Deaf signers (2014 EUD). 395,000 (2014 IMB).
5 (Developing). Recognized language (2002, Disability Equality Act, Section 6, paragraph 1).
Language Use
Vigorous. 80 deaf schools with 11,000 students. Also schools that integrate deaf with hearing students (Müller 2012). Deaf associations. Used by all. Some also use English [eng] (Müller 2012), Standard German [deu] (Müller 2012).
Language Development
Standard German [deu] is used for writing. Some schools are teaching English for written use, using British Sign Language [bfi] or American Sign Language [ase]. TV. Theater. Dictionary. Bible portions: 1998. Agencies: German Society for the Hearing-impaired; German Association of the Deaf (DGB).
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