Language of the Day for 12 June 2019


Morori [mok]

A language of
Population Full
50 (1998 M. Donohue). Only a handful of Marori speakers left in 2012 (Evans et al 2018). Ethnic population: 250 (1998 M. Donohue).
8b (Nearly extinct).
Language Use
Endangered (2000 S. Wurm). Under pressure from Marind [mrz], a language group which surrounds the Morori, and from Indonesian [ind] (Wurm 2007). Elderly only. All also use Indonesian [ind] (Evans et al 2018), Papuan Malay [pmy] (Evans et al 2018). Also use Marind [mrz] (Evans et al 2018). Used as L2 by Bädi Kanum [khd], Ngkâlmpw Kanum [kcd], Smärky Kanum [kxq], Sota Kanum [krz].