Language of the Day for 11 October 2019


Kata Kolok [bqy]

A language of
Population Full
1,125, all users. L1 users: 125 (Marsaja 2008). 47 deaf and 78 hearing. L2 users: 1,000 (Marsaja 2008).
6a (Vigorous).
Language Use
Vigorous, by both deaf and hearing. All domains. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Many also use Bali [ban], especially in the village and among hearing native signers, who are fully bilingual (Marsaja 2008). Some also use Indonesian Sign Language [inl], which has been acquired in boarding schools in Singaraja and Jimbaran by about 8 deaf teenagers (de Vos 2016).
Language Development
Starting 2007, a local elementary school uses Kata Kolok as a language of instruction in special math and literacy sections for deaf students (de Vos 2012). Taught in primary schools.