Language of the Day for 25 March 2020


Bogkalot [ilk]

A language of
Population Full
5,710 (2010 census), decreasing. Ethnic population: 14,600 (2010 census).
6b (Threatened).
Language Use
Losing speakers in more than half of the villages in Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya provinces (2016 R. Gonzales). Much intermarriage with Ilocano [ilo] speakers resulting in Ilocano becoming the preferred household language (2019 L. Zubiri). Some young people, all adults. Most also use Tagalog [tgl], especially by those from Nueva Vizcaya who are close to Tagalog- speaking provinces. Many also use Ilocano [ilo], especially those from Quirino Province who are close to Ilocano speakers.
Language Development
NT: 1982.