Language of the Day for 08 April 2020


Wayu [vay]

A language of
Population Full
1,565, all users. L1 users: 1,520 (2011 census), decreasing. L2 users: 45 (2011 census). No monolinguals.
6b (Threatened). Language of recognized indigenous nationality: Hayu.
Language Use
Ethnic Wayu live on the hills on both sides of the Sun Kosi River but the language is only spoken in the villages listed. In 1995 many children in Mudajor were not learning Wayu but the language was alive and well in Manedihi (2002 UNESCO). A growing interest in language preservation. Religion; mixed use: Home, friends. Some young people, all adults. Negative attitudes. Many feel the language is an obstacle to progress, but a minority would like to keep speaking it. All also use Nepali [npi].
Language Development
Grammar. Texts.