Language of the Day for 27 July 2020


Chin, Anu-Hkongso [anl]

A language of
Population Full
4,000 (2008), decreasing.
6b (Threatened).
Language Use
Fairly strong vitality in Anu and Hkongso majority villages. But in mixed villages and intermarried families, Khumi [cnk] and Asang dialect of Eastern Khumi [cek] are now used. Most domains. Some young people, all adults. Positive attitudes. All also use Rakhine [rki]. Also use Burmese [mya], Eastern Khumi Chin [cek], Khumi Chin [cnk]. Used as L2 by Eastern Khumi Chin [cek].
Language Development
Anu and Hkongso have separate literature efforts. Some literacy classes. Bible portions: 2014.