Language of the Day for 16 November 2020


Russian Sign Language [rsl]

A language of
Russian Federation
Population Full
700,000 in Russian Federation (2021 DBS/DOOR/SIL). Estimated 430,000–860,000 deaf signers, assuming 0.3%–0.6% of total population. Other estimates: 121,000 (2010 census); 715,000 (2014 IMB). Total users in all countries: 909,000.
5 (Developing).
Language Use
Vigorous. Hundreds of residential schools for deaf; some vocational schools, mainly oralist. Deaf associations and athletic clubs. Some interpreters. Some sign language classes for hearing people, mostly in large cities. Organization for sign language teachers. Used by all. Some also use Russian [rus], primarily written.
Language Development
TV. Videos. Dictionary. Agency: Vserosiyskoe obshestvo gluhih (VOGh, All-Russian Society of the Deaf).