Language of the Day for 07 January 2021


Malay, Kupang [mkn]

A language of
Population Full
350,000, all users. L1 users: 200,000 (2015 C. Grimes). L2 users: 150,000 (2015 C. Grimes).
3 (Wider communication). Derived from Malay. Language of wider communication used in spice trade in the city of Kupang and surrounding region in the 1640s. Lingua franca for interethnic communication in the region or in mixed marriages.
Language Use
Vigorous. All domains. Used by all. Also use Indonesian [ind]. Used as L2 by Helong [heg], Lole [llg], Termanu [twu], Tii [txq].
Language Development
Literature. Newspapers. Radio. Videos. Dictionary. NT: 2007.