Language of the Day for 10 January 2021


Maori [mri]

A language of
New Zealand
Population Full
148,000 in New Zealand (2013 census). 100,000 understand but do not speak it (1995 Maori Language Commission); 30,000–50,000 adult speakers over 15 years old (1995). Ethnic population: 599,000 (2013 census). Total users in all countries: 159,700.
6b (Threatened). Statutory language of national identity (1987, Maori Language Act, No. 176, Article 3), legal domains mostly.
Language Use
Until 20th century, Maori was spoken throughout New Zealand. There is a recent reluctance of the young generation to use Maori (Wurm 2007). Some young people, all adults. All also use English [eng] (Wurm 2007).
Language Development
322 government-funded Maori language schools, including preschool. Grammar. Bible: 1858–1952.