Language of the Day for 21 February 2021


Thai, Northern [nod]

A language of
Population Full
6,000,000 in Thailand (1983 SIL). Total users in all countries: 6,029,500.
3 (Wider communication). De facto language of provincial identity in northern provinces. Northern Thai is used as a language of wider communication among many of the tribal groups in Northern Thailand (Herington et al 2013).
Language Use
Most use Northern Thai in the home. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Some also use Thai [tha]. Used as L2 by Akha [ahk], Bisu [bzi], Eastern Lawa [lwl], Hakka Chinese [hak], Iu Mien [ium], Lü [khb], Mlabri [mra], Mpi [mpz], Phrae Pwo Karen [kjt], Prai [prt], Tai Ya [cuu], Western Lawa [lcp], Yong [yno].
Language Development
Newspapers. Dictionary. NT: 1914–2017.