Language of the Day for 08 April 2021


Buang, Mapos [bzh]

A language of
Papua New Guinea
Population Full
7,000 (2001 UNESCO). 1,400 monolinguals (2001 UNESCO).
6b (Threatened).
Language Use
Vigorous use in villages. Urban residents mainly use Tok Pisin [tpi] with children (2001 UNESCO). All domains in villages except church, where there is mixed use with other languages (2001 UNESCO). Some young people, all adults. Positive attitudes. Also use English [eng]. Also use Tok Pisin [tpi], with some young people living in urban areas shifting. Also use Yabem [jae]. Used as L2 by Vehes [val].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 50%. Literacy rate in L2: 50%–75%. Taught in primary schools. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. NT: 1978–2003.