Language of the Day for 04 May 2021


Yabem [jae]

A language of
Papua New Guinea
Population Full
2,080 (McElhanon 1978). Ethnic population: 5,890 (2000 census).
6b* (Threatened).
Language Use
Used as a church language by Lutherans in the Huon Peninsula region since 1890. Served as medium of instruction for 30,000 students following World War II (Streicher 1982), but now eclipsed by Tok Pisin in use as a lingua franca. Also use Tok Pisin [tpi], especially young people (Ross 2002a). Used as L2 by Bugawac [buk], Kapin [tbx], Karnai [bbv], Mapos Buang [bzh], Mesem [mci], Musom [msu], Numbami [sij], Safeyoka [apz], Sio [xsi], Tami [tmy].
Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1924–1980.