Language of the Day for 11 June 2021


Kasua [khs]

A language of
Papua New Guinea
Population Full
580 (2000 SIL). 240 monolinguals (2000 SIL). Ethnic population: 580 (2000 SIL).
6a (Vigorous).
Language Use
Home, community. Mixed use: Church, business. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Many also use Tok Pisin [tpi], especially young men. Some also use Motu [meu], especially adult men. Also use Eibela [ail]. Also use English [eng], especially young people. Also use Fasu [faa]. Also use Gogodala [ggw]. Also use Huli [hui]. Also use Kaluli [bco]. Also use Kamula [xla]. Used as L2 by Fasu [faa].
Language Development
Some are literate in Fasu. NT: 2016.