Language of the Day for 12 June 2021


Tatana [txx]

A language of
Population Full
10,000 (2015 KadazanDusun Cultural Association), decreasing. Ethnic population: 22,000 (2015 KadazanDusun Cultural Association).
6b (Threatened).
Language Use
Mixed use: Home, Friends, Religion, Work. Some young people, all adults. Some children and adults; all elderly. Positive attitudes. All also use Sabah Malay [msi]. Many also use Brunei [kxd]. Many also use Sabah Bisaya [bsy]. Many also use Standard Malay [zsm]. Some also use English [eng]. Some also use Kadazan Dusun [dtp]. A few also use Hakka Chinese [hak]. Used as L2 by Brunei [kxd], Klias River Kadazan [kqt], Papar [dpp], Sabah Bisaya [bsy], West Coast Bajau [bdr].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 70%. Literature. Periodicals. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. Agency: Sabah Tatana Cultural Association (STCA), KadazanDusun Cultural Association (KDCA).