Language of the Day for 08 October 2021


Kumaoni [kfy]

A language of
Population Full
2,080,000 (2011 census). 472,000 monolinguals (1998 SIL).
5 (Developing).
Language Use
Home, community. Used by all. Positive attitudes. Central dialect is most accepted. Also use English [eng]. Also use Hindi [hin], especially men, a few educated women, and school-aged children in towns and markets. Used as L2 by Byangsi [bee], Chaudangsi [cdn], Darmiya [drd], Gujari [gju], Rangkas [rgk], Rawat [jnl], Rongpo [rnp].
Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 72% for Uttarakhand (2001 census). Motivation for literacy not high. Literature. Periodicals. Radio. Dictionary. Grammar. Texts. NT: 1825.