Language of the Day for 06 January 2022


Yeyi [yey]

A language of
Population Full
4,180 in Botswana (2015 UNSD). Ethnic population: 47,000. Total users in all countries: 11,180.
6b (Threatened).
Language Use
43% who learned Yeyi from their parents said they speak Yeyi best, 57% said they speak Setswana [tsn] best. 12% of respondents said they speak only Yeyi to their children, 9% speak Yeyi and Setswana to their children. Some young people, all adults. In some villages, children speak Yeyi. In many villages used only by those over 40. All also use Setswana [tsn]. Also use English [eng], especially young people who have attended secondary school.
Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: Age 15–29: 95% Setswana, 68% English; age 30–54: 33% Setswana, 20% English; age 55 and older: 33% Setswana, 6% English. High motivation for literacy. Dictionary. Grammar.