Maidu, Northwest


A language of United States

Alternate Names
Concow, Holólupai, Konkau, Konkow, Maiduan, Meidoo, Michopdo, Nákum, Secumne, Sekumne, Tsamak, Yuba, “Digger” (pej.)

3 (1994 L. Hinton). A few elderly speakers remain (Golla 2011). Ethnic population: 200 (1977 SIL).


California: Butte, and Yuba counties, Feather river, Oroville area. Ethnic group scattered.

Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct). Language of registered tribe: Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California, Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria, Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California, Round Valley Indian Tribes-Round Valley Reservation.


None known. A separate language from other Maidu varieties.

Language Use

Shifted to English [eng]. There is a Konkow Language Preservation Group. Older adults only.

Language Development
Grammar. The few remaining elderly speakers participate in the Konkow Language Preservation Group (Golla 2011).
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